Angul Museum & Library

Angul, Odisha

Awaiting Inauguration

The rhetoric land of Odisha is an amalgamation of spellbinding views, heritage and artistry. Inhabited since time immemorial, the land encapsulates a long history and is often revered as ‘Utkala’, for being a proud custodian of exquisite handicraft artistry. Besides, the inhabitants of the state are also celebrated in the annals of history for their indomitable spirit and valour during the colonial reigns of the British.

Thus, to celebrate Odisha’s copious heritage, craft, and resources, the Government of Odisha has put forth the Black Diamond Museum in the heart of the state at Angul. This state-of-the-art museum combined with a digital library and auditorium will take its visitors on a teleporting journey between ancient and modern times of Odisha. The encompassing area will cadre a thematic representation of history, art-craft, demographic and physical attributes of the state.

Our Scope of Work

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