Gandhi to Mahatma Museum, Gandhinagar

“My Life is my message”, said Mahatma Gandhi. Understanding his Life is the highest form of education. It teaches how a simple man, through simple means, can transform into a great spirit; how basic values of Life such as Truth & Non-violence can empower one to win the greatest battle for one’s rights. The real strength lies within one’s faith in one’s righteous principles. This strength can elevate a Man to a Mahatma.With an aim to capture the true essence of the Mahatma, a first of its kind techno-empowered exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi, situated at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar. Inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, it is the most uniquely artistic shrine to the great soul. Virtual Media is used to materialize the Omnipresent Spirit of Mahatma. The museum recreates history through futuristic technologies so that every Indian can relive Gandhiji’s enlightening journey with him.