Upper Bari Doab Canal Heritage Restoration

Amritsar, Punjab

Inaugurated by Dr. Inderbir Singh Nijjar, Hon’ble Urban Local Body Minister, Mar 2023


Situated on the Amritsar-Jalandhar Highway, the Colonial Era Hydropower plant is a prominent landmark, it was the first canal dug up in Punjab for Irrigational purposes under the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. In the Early 19th Century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh extended it with another branch to Amritsar for watering the sacred tank at Sri Harmandir Sahib. During the British Era it irrigated lands in the Gurdaspur, Amritsar and Lahore districts of undivided Punjab. In 1930, the Britishers build a hydropower plant building on the Upper bari doab canal. Its turbines and machinery were brought from Switzerland and England and it supplied electricity to the city of Amritsar including Sri Harmandir Sahib.


To commemorate the profound legacy of this Heritage site, a restoration project was envisioned by Amritsar Smart City Limited. The adaptive reuse project includes the heritage restoration and rejuvenation of the site, the development of walking promenades, development of various transitional spaces at regular intervals with surprising viewpoints, with separate vehicular and pedestrian movement


Our Scope of Work

Design | Civil Renovations | Landscaping | Adaptive Re-use | Heritage Restoration | Development