Confluence of Culture

Baroda, Gujarat

Awaiting Inauguration


Far-famed as the Sanskar Nagri, Baroda is often regarded as the cultural capital of Gujarat. Renowned for its extravagance, the city has been enticing dynasties and mavens since antiquity. Its embellished timeline speaks volumes of art, culture and excellence and its prosperity continues to lure sightseers and merchants to date. Today, the third-largest city of Gujarat has become the emanation of academics and trade. Yet only a facet of its rich past is scratched.

To accentuate the ethos of Sanskar Nagri, this state-of-the-art Sound and Light show will open a window in the secluded timeline on the façade of the symbolic Baroda Museum. Through its amalgam of technology and awe-inspiring imagery, the son et lumière show will evoke a sense of pride and admiration for the city among its locales and tourists alike.


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