Jhaverchand Meghani Museum

Chotila, Gujarat

Work in Progress


Encapsulating the regal life of “Rashtriya Shayar”, the Jhaverchand Meghani Museum is a tribute to his life and literary marvels in his hometown Chotila.

In a relatively short career, Shri Jhaverchand Meghani had left behind an abundance of literary wealth and folklore. He authored over 100 books in 25 years and went from village to village in search of folklore. But his life did not shine only through his literary eminence. Atop of being a poet, a playwright and an author, He was also a great social reformer, a freedom fighter and a true nationalist.

By incorporating new-age technological media seamlessly fused into a minimalistic design, this immersive space on the life of Jhaverchand Meghani will not only pay a righteous tribute to his larger-than-life personality but will serve as an epicentre of inspiration for generations to come.


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