Uttarakhand State Museum

Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Awaiting Inauguration


An untold solace lies in the captivating landscapes of Uttarakhand. Carved from the northwestern districts of Uttar Pradesh, the 27th Indian state exudes the natural beauty of the Himalayas. Howbeit, there is also a long untold history that lies beneath the picturesque beauty of the state. The Archaeological Museum at Dehradun showcases this untold story of ‘Devbhoomi’.


Spanning across six immersive galleries on two floors, this museum narrates events from ancient mythology and kingdoms to culminate into the rich culture and traditions that are an invaluable part of this land. Commencing with a brief introduction of the state, it teleports visitors to the mythical times and ancient kingdoms that once flourished here. It then touches upon the geographical timeline of Uttarakhand before cascading into a rich sculptural display.


Exhibiting contemporary miniature paintings, copperplate inscriptions, manuscripts, coins and antiquities with elements native to the land, the avant-garde Museum pays a tribute to local artisans, fostering a dialogue between the past and present


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