The world is still wondering whether to recognize Leonardo da Vinci as the wonderful artist or an expert scientist. Our definition of artists is generally limited to a set of people say writers, painters, musicians, and etc but the true test of an artist lies in the usage of his/her brain. If the right side of your brain is dominant, you can call yourself an artist or a naturally creative person. And yeah, it doesn’t matter if you are otherwise a scientist, astronaut or a paramedic.

Here are some of the fascinating traits of artists which will make you awe-struck.

  1. Sensitivity

Your highest sensitivity can be a greatest claim to your artistic talents. Often observed, artists see the world differently with their unique perspective and with profound emotions and this reflects in their grand art pieces; they feel the rarest of emotion and reveal it in their unique unknown ways.

  1. Veins full of Narcissism

Artists like Maria Callas and Renee Fleming are known for their art and narcissism. British researchers report narcissists are more likely than most to engage in creative activities. Artists might have the weirdest behavior, eerie lifestyle and a paranormal world yet they pride in themselves and the moment you criticize them they get turned off and feel misunderstood; this turns them into a narcissist character.

  1. Schizotypal Personality

If you are a stranger to your family, if your style is any fashionista’s most awful nightmare, if your hormones get active when the world is inactive or maybe if you just cannot gel up with a person who considers you as a BFF, you can be sure of your Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

But hey, don’t worry; celebrate it instead. Yes rejoice it for this disorder can turn your idiosyncrasy into success making you a respectable artist. Like, Mark Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook was “Aloof Hoody Lad” in his Harvard – MIT days.

  1. Personalized Time Machine

Arty people have their artistic time frames – the time which brings out the best level of creativity in them; they cannot work on our time, they demand their time. The best case is of American novelist Nicholson Baker; his writing was a morning motivation and therefore he created a ritual of two mornings in a day. He would get up around 4.30 a.m. in the morning and work for an hour or so and go back to his slumber, again wake up at dawn.  Some would work burning the midnight oil whereas others like Thomas Edison deemed sleep to be a waste of time.

If the right time and true inspiration hits them, they take a deep fall off from this world and sink in their art submarine.

  1. Ritualistic writing

The oddity of the rituals followed by artists will leave you mind-numbing.

Ever heard that the decaying smell of apples can boost creativity? Friedrich Schiller – German Writer of 18th Century literally surrounded himself with rotten apples while he wrote. Another instance is of Immanuel Kant who would visit the pub daily for his creative punch.