Reflections & Ponderings!

Most of us live with preconceived notions that guide our actions. Our thoughts too are built or coloured by what we may have heard or read. And our experiences guide us in building conceptions in our minds.

However, today I realised it just takes an open mind and an accepting heart to realise that pre-conceived notions are actually barriers to our minds.

The earlier we shed them the better it is!

When I boarded the flight to Patna, I was excited but a bit apprehensive, at the same time.

Didn’t know anyone, no bridges built as yet, a different culture, a unique dialect etc. All I knew was that I headed to a land with an illustrious past; a land where many learnings flourished; a land with a dynamic polity in the past with great dynasties and greater emperors; a land of brilliance that has thrown up the best Administrative minds of this country. And yet, a land awaiting its glory across modern parameters; a land waiting for its moment to shine!

But, how coloured I was… how naive & totally uninformed…

The Patna of today is a modern Indian metropolis with all its trappings… Chaotic and dynamic at the same time. Wide & Clean roads, beautiful buildings and smiling, courteous and helpful people. And today’s Patna is setting benchmarks by celebrating its rich past and presenting its glorious heritage to the world and how!

The BIHAR MUSEUM has to be seen to be believed.

A must-visit for every proud Indian! A classic example of insightful leadership with a charged and committed team that has created a magnum-opus; painstakingly put together, celebrating our rich past, and showcasing masterpieces of Indian heritage through the most modern methodologies.

The architectural design, the curation of artefacts, the collections, the presentation, the lighting, the immersive ambience, the colour palette, and the commissioned art, all par excellence… An exhilarating experience indeed.  The immense cheer that I noticed amongst my fellow visitants was palpable.

To be able to create such a timeless masterpiece, the leadership must have had the vision and conviction to allocate huge budgets, identify requisite minds that could translate the vision and most importantly, ensure that the process is continuous and ongoing.

As I was told the Treasure Trove of Bihar’s collections are so immense, that it would take tens of such museums to truly showcase its entire collection. And I can assure it was music to my ears!

With a desire to be a part of this process, and serve our profound past before the world, I bid adieu to let you enjoy glimpses of the Bihar Museum.