It’s that time of the year when bonanza’s are raining everywhere. Marketers, Travel agents and Retailers are on a mission mode offering large windfalls, Political parties and Stock Exchange too are on a celebratory mode. Wooing eyeballs and ushering in positivity is the name of the game with Diwali just round the corner.

Vama’s Diwali Bonanza : We are super excited to present three projects we have accomplished in this month of October.Dollops of grace and divine interventions along with sincere and tremendous hardwork of our entire team saw us thru these three projects at different locations.

The bonanza began with the soft launch of the Mahatma Gandhi Museum at Aga Khan Palace, Pune on Oct 2nd,Gandhi Jayanti. Presenting for the first time in great detail the 21 months that Gandhiji and his close associates spent at the Agakhan Palace in detention during the Quit India movement. Galleries on ground floor opened to public and tremendous positive response being garnered.

Oct 8th, the museum curated and developed by us for Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad opened doors. A corporate museum talking about its Founder Chairman, evolutionary journey, product pipeline, Global Footprints, Innovations, Dynamic Leadership and much more.With all installations digital and dynamic in nature we have managed to fit in a 70 + years journey of the company in a limited space.

Oct 25th, Dino Trail, Kevadia inaugurated by our Hon’ble Chief Minister. Three sculptures of Rajasauris narmadensis of dimensions 80ft x 30ft developed by us…such a scale never attempted before…infact its India’s first Dino Trail, a trail that will surely enthrall the visitors with its scale, knowledge sharing and off-course multiple selfie point options.

All these 3 projects were unique not only in terms of scale and size but the subjects were extremely variant from each other. The circumstances and situations in each of these projects enriched our experience, built our capacities further and helped us locate strengths and values to meet targets and client expectations.The learning we have gathered is immense and sure to hold us in good stead for more exciting times ahead.

Wishing everyone a very happy and a bright Diwali with big-time celebrations.

Vandana Raj
on behalf of Team Vama!