When heritage catapults an entire area into limelight, when an extinct eon captures people’s imagination and when the past meets the present a unique space envisioned becomes the cynosure!

Raioli, home to Asia’s third largest Dinosaur hatchery has been brought to the forefront and given its due. The Dinosaur Museum inaugurated here yesterday has elicited interest from far and wide.

With a confirmed presence of over 10,000 dino eggs and dino graveyard along with some very unique fossils, this land which is now a protected park will surely come under the radar of wildlife enthusiants, archaeology researchers and nature lovers.

The Dinosaur Museum with its ten galleries spread over two floors talks about Earth’s Inception ( from 4600 million years ago…), World Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs found across India with specific reference to Dinosaurs of Gujarat, extinction of these unique creatures etc.

Rajasauraus narmadensis, the king of Dinosaurs and a contemporary of T-Rex which used to prowl here in Raioli can be enjoyed in its real size – 28ft from head to tail and 9ft height. A ferocious species this theropod has a crown on its head. Fossils of other species found here are Rahiolisaurus, Titanosaurus and Sanajeh – the giant snake have been displayed too.

New age technologies such as 3D Projection Mapping, Virtual Reality, 3D Steroscopic, interactive kiosks etc will entrall visitors for sure. Scientifically developed scaled down versions of over 50 dinosaurs along with its habitat and landforms will catch every visitor’s attention. Ample spaces for taking selfies and photographs is an added feature.

Scientifically developed under guidance from world renowned Palentologist, Dr.Mohabey this latest milestone from Team Vama is a sure footprint in the world of Archaeology & Museumology.

Months of endless research and developing content in varied formats, anatomically and scientifically perfecting sculptures and converting a 12 year old unutilised library building into a new age museum gallery space has surely been a daunting task…nevertheless it has been worth all the efforts.

Kudos to my entire team of curators, creative designers, writers, animators, sculptors, architects, filmmakers and off course the techies. Your continuous and pro-active efforts gives me the inspiration to create new benchmarks.

We would also want to acknowledge our client TCGL, whose immense faith and complete confidence in us made us walk that extra mile.

Thank you & Welcome to the world of Dino-magic at Raioli.
Vandana Raj