When something hits us dramatically, when someone inspires us immensely or simply put when someone is a legend and we want the future generations to be influenced with the ideologies of this great legend, all we wish is to trap him in a genie’s bottle or may be create a magic wand to bring him to life every time we wish to; but that of course isn’t possible.

But what if we say you can feel the presence, sense the values and trace the shadow of that legend… yeah, and for that say thanks to the tech-whiz generation of ours.

We, hereby, present you a technical brief of a museum where our Father of Nation dwells virtually.

3D Holographic Projection

It is said that a man can die but not his principles; his ideals are immortal and India is proud to have such a man of ideals. His thoughts are still alive amongst us and his lessons are followed and will be followed for generations unknown.

In the “Gandhi to Mahatma” Museum, Gandhiji’s life-ideals are displayed by using holographic technology – an interesting artistic way to capture and enliven the Father of Nation.

Augmented Reality

It feels good to be born in an age bracket where tech can give you the luxury to relive the life of a dead; especially when we talk about the revolutionary struggles of a great freedom fighter known for his “non-violence” values.

The Satyagraha movement is brilliantly captured in Mural paintings and to add further beauty, Augmented Reality techno spurts life into it, thus displaying a genuine freedom struggle. We shall therefore, never forget the setbacks faced in making India independent and keep thanking this man posthumously.

3D Projection Mapping

Great fights are won by great sacrifices of great men. And when we talk about India’s freedom fight, the first name to hit our mind is Mohandas Gandhi, his belief in freedom and his vision of independence made him go to prison number of times with pride and honor.

With the 3D Projection Mapping we show you how his numerous visits to jail brought us closer to independence.

360° virtual tour of Sabarmati Ashram

Shifting to Sabarmati Ashram was a high point in Gandhiji’s life and the event is marked as crucial in Indian History as well. From the progress of Khadi industry to the development of spiritual values, everything was well taken care of by him. Don’t miss to tour the ashram life in the museum.

Interactive Touch Glass

Gandhiji’s life revolved around TEN – Truth, Non-violence & Equality and we have made an attempt to touch these values in every life using the expert Interactive Touch facility, introduced for the first time in India.

Live Broadcasted Augmented Reality

As the visitors stand in front of the screen, Gandhiji’s virtual manifestation emerges. Visitors enjoy the unmatched experience of sharing a virtual space with the Mahatma. This exhibit is a symbolic representation of the fact that Gandhiji’s omnipresent spirit lives amongst us. We just need to open our eyes, hearts and souls to feel his divine presence

If we say, Gandhiji like God is omnipresent, you might utterly ignore us but when the screen displays a virtual Gandhi, will you then believe your eyes?

It is, therefore, rightly said –

“Howsoever incredible something might be,

The call of technology can make you believe,

The call of technology can make you believe.”

Video Arc Wall

Not just the man and his work, but the commendation of his work too can be immortalized. We just did the same for our Bapu; the video wall in the museum exhibits the immortal words said for him by some of the most  respectable men from around the world.

3D Holographic Projections

One of the important lessons learnt by Gandhiji, as mentioned by him in his autobiography – “My experiments with truth”, is that one should have a good handwriting. Although he didn’t have good handwriting, he was a regular writer. His letters along with the array of his signature styles have been magnificently captured and presented in holographic style.

Audio Gallery

What better can make you high than a modern portico with the spiritual aura dragging you back a few decades back but with the advanced effects? The Museum also serves with audio gallery to sooth your senses in Gandhian style.


And if we tell you all this was designed and created in a short span of 2 months, would you still believe it?

Definitely not, right?

Because curating a high-tech museum is not as simple as describing it in a blog, there were a number of challenges faced by the entire team @ Vama.

  1. Resource Bank – The moment you secure a prestigious project such as this with its inherent complexities, you look up for the visual resources that will ease your stressed brain and help in initiating and forming a strategy to go ahead. But we were not blessed enough and we were surprised by the fact that almost all the pictures and videos of Gandhiji were owned by a German Organization and we needed to pay for them to get the details of our own Father of the Nation.

Hence, we moved on confidently designing, painting, editing, writing, programming and doing everything in-house,

working day and night relying on internet resources.

  1. When you’re showered with advanced technologies, your job is eased for sure but when you are showered with advanced technology to represent an old era, it’s a challenge in disguise. The feel and flow of that era has to be maintained subtly and at the same time the need to create something extraordinary.
  2.  2 months and a diverse team to handle– at one end a motley gang of over 25 – 30 creative people on the studio floor (with all their inherent mood swings) and an equal number if not more of semi-skilled work force on site had its immense challenge. We sailed through largely because there was a sense of ownership and the euphoria of  being involved in a project which was a first of its kind.
  3. High Trust High Accountability

When your client is fully confident on you and adopts no-interference policy, your accountability, responsibility and ownership reaches at peak; which is good but a challenging job.