Our country’s historical, social and cultural diversity is quite matchless. We have constantly pursued higher knowledge and higher understanding and spearheaded thought processes in fields such as Astronomy, Mathematics, Political Science, Healthcare, Geography etc. since ancient times.

While the invention of “0”, Vastu Shastra, Yoga, Bhugol Shastra, Alchemy etc are all well known and established facts what is not known predominantly is that India was a frontrunner in Law Enforcement and Policing too. In fact it had existed and evolved since Vedic times. The Rig Veda and the Upanishads talk about it; the seals of Indus Valley Civilisation prove that a society’s protection was a states responsibility; our folklore, Literature (Shakuntalam, Thirukural), Kautilya’s ArthShastra,Hung Tsang’s travelogue, Kabir’s poetry, Aien-e-akbari, the Sultanate records, the Kaval system of the Pandian and Chola dynasty, the Sleeman Story are all replete with how “Law Enforcement and Protection” existed and evolved in our country.

While the Law Enforcers & Protectors have metamorphosed from guards to Kavals to kotwals to modern day police what has not changed are the stories of valour and grit that they have exhibited time and again. The ultimate sacrifices of laying down their lives in the line of duty as well as becoming role models, the country’s Policemen & women have done their due. From being the first line of defence on the country’s international borders to controlling Maoists, from foiling terror attacks to manning mega kumbhmelas, from earning India its Olympic medals to writing bestsellers, from providing relief measures to investigating corporate frauds our country’s cops deserve our salute and more. The National Police Memorial & Museum at New Delhi is primed to do just this.

In times when the country is groping for role models from diverse fields, in times bereft of positive narratives, in times of change, the role models elucidated at the NPMM are worth your while.

And today’s guest of honour at the NPMM on the occasion of the CRPF Valour Day the Hon’ble President of India said – Encourage the Children & Youth of this country to experience this space, the inspirational narratives here would pave the way to their becoming future role models themselves.

Societies which hail their heroes are the ones who produce more heroes.

So here is our salute to our nation’s bravehearts.

Privileged and humbled to be a part of putting together the National Police Museum.

Kudos to my family for their unflinching support, my entire team for their tremendous team play and a big thank you to our clients for reposing their faith in us.

Graced for sure!
Vandana Raj