Vama is a leading media production house, based in Ahmedabad, providing comprehensive services under the communications umbrella. It has earned its share of reputation by doing some incredible and innovative projects with government, private sector, NGOs and others. Moreover, Vama Communications is also preferred by clients for delivering a “class apart” impact. Read on quick bites about Vama Communications and the media industry shared by Ms. Vandana Raj, mediapreneur and founder of Vama Communications.

  1. To start with please define the word “VAMA”? Why did you choose Vama to be your identity?

The meaning of Vama is ‘beautiful‘ in the ancient Indian language – Sanskrit. Media is all about creating, presenting and offering effective and beautiful interpretations… and hence the idea was to come up with a name that portrays this belief. 

 If one looks carefully at our logo identity it not only spells out our name but also reflects our ability to perfectly reflect the ORIGINAL.

  1. Holding masters, you could have easily made your living working under some big roof. What inspired you to start your own brand?

 After my masters I did work for about 2 years full time with EMRC, Ahmedabad on their country wide classroom projects; also did many assignments with NID, ISRO etc.

My social background was such that to do a 9 to 6 kind of high pressure media job was impossible – which also was a boon, it compelled me to venture out on my own. It has been a very tough journey considering that the opportunities in the media space in Gujarat are very limited. Nevertheless we as a company have survived and thrived by the grace of God.

3.This industry is uncertain with lots of ups and down with numerous new entrants coming up regularly. How do you manage to maintain your market share?

I am not aware of our market share, as we are not in any race.  But I can say this that we at Vama  do very interesting and varied work which is very challenging and fulfilling and once our clients experience working with us rarely leave us to work with others.

  1. What perils do you see working in this industry?

There are no perils in this industry as such  if one constantly innovates and changes with the moving times. The only exhausting bit is being able to read the clients mind and meeting crazy deadlines.

  1. You have worked with the government / corporate/ social sector and with politicians. Please share your experience.

There is much to learn from each of the sectors sighted.  We have learnt to be agile, upto date, creative and persuasive at all times. Challenges are plenty working with a  varied clientele but one needs to be very patient, humble, level headed and innovative at all times. 

  1. What are the next steps for Vama Communication? Where do you aim to be in the near future?

We shall go with the flow as of now – create more interesting spaces (museums) and as usual do varied  and interesting  mix of projects and venture out on to the big screen this year.

  1. Lastly, what is your mantra to survive in media and engage audience?

Replicate Success Manifold is our mantra. 

To survive in media or any other industry two virtues are needed:  

first & foremost  –  be humble

secondly – respect all your colleagues and associates    

In terms of engaging with the audience – be innovative and seek perfection in all that you do.