And so I tell myself its about time … it’s about time to pay heed…its about time to wellll – shape up…about time to resume  academic studies…about time to blog…the list promises to be long… well one thing at a time…and so blog it is right now!!!!!

Its been almost a year and a lot has happened at work since – loads of experiences have been garnered, many firsts and many more coming up, exciting and enterprising times for sure!

Here is what it has been like – trail blazing and mentally stimulating, diverse topics and permanent installations, tech-explorations and creative highs,sleepless nights and teary days, difficult clients and appreciative ones, crazy deadlines and crazier outputs, an amazing family and family like colleagues, terrific and supportive mentors and an emerging pan India presence…this year has been exhilarating to say the least. As the year comes to a winding end our report card is buzzing!

It’s a privilege  to share some of our highs this year:

Mahatma Gandhi Museum, Rajkot: 

Salient features include Heritage Restoration, Civil Repairs, curating and developing 40 galleries with over 100 installations, a 25 mins 3d projection Mapping Show on a building facade of 130ft x 50 ft and high-tech digital explorations. Dedicated to the Nation as part of 150 years of celebrating the Mahatma on the 20th of Sept 2018, this museum has received over 60,000 plus footfalls averaging at about 400 to 500 visitors day on day. Locals as well as international visitors have been lavish in their praise. The visitor feedback that keeps coming encourages us to let our creative juices flow and take on newer challenges and set higher benchmarks.

Mahatma Gandhi Museum | Vama Communications | Rajkot from Vama Communications on Vimeo.


National Police Museum, NewDelhi:

To encapsulate 30 Central Police forces and another 30 State Police forces in 1600 sq.mtrs and giving introductory justice to each was a challenge beyond our comprehension when we started curating this project. Understanding and presenting the  role,responsibilities and structure of the Indian Police, it’s genesis – going back in time from the Vedic era to the present  ensured we not only visited historical journals and Gazettes but also the Constitution and dug deep into Indian Police evolutionary journey. This project not only got us eyeballs in the National Capital but also gave us the  honour of experiencing the immense vision, steadfast resolve and amazing support from the country’s top cops. Humble salute to each of them who stood by us throughout this entire project.


Dinosaur Museum, Balasinor:

When a history enthusiast takes up the task to understand Geology and goes back in time to comprehend Earth’s inception, to the emergence and extinction of Dinosaurs so as to showcase Triassic, Jurassic & Cretaceous periods and life forms, one truly realises the daunting nature of the assignment. This highly academic exercise  churned  the grey cells of all in our studio. The adaptive reuse of the building given to us to house the museum posed a huge challenge.Showcasing gentle giants and fierce theropods in scale, keeping up to the western Dinosaur fiction features, getting the Paleontological aspects right, making all content in 3d animation in limited resources has been an immense journey. And when India’s top Paleontologist – Dr. Mohabbey  is lavish in his praise and predicts that this Dino museum will emerge as the best in the country, all the trials and tribulations are worth every bit.

As this museum opens its doors to the public shortly we stand in anticipation of feedback which we believe will propel us to work harder and deliver more and more cutting-edge and unique museums.

With promises to create more invigorating national assets in the coming months I sign off here and welcome all of you to these spaces of learning, experiencing and reminiscing.

Vandana Raj
Vama Communications