Vama Communications

Vama Communications is a constantly evolving creative design studio based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. While you read this, we might have explored new creative horizons, ventured into the future of communications technology and enhanced our ability to transform an amazing idea into an unforgettable experience. Ours is a journey from a creative boutique studio to a full-service production house to a leader in museum development and experiential technologies.

We specialize in creating immersive experiences through digital interactive technologies. Experiences so immersive, they break the boundaries of reality and imagination, art and technology.

Over two decades of honing the virtue of versatility, we are proud to say that we are a bespoke museum development company, with storytelling as our forte. Our portfolio showcases the endless team efforts, creative energies, infinite man hours, loyal clientele and certainly, many delightful experiences.


With a multifarious track record in various media spanning over three decades, Vandana Raj has successfully functioned as a Filmmaker, Writer, Development Communicator and Curator of Museums. Today the company founded by her is a leading name in developing Digital, Immersive and Experiential spaces such as Museums, Interpretation Centre’s, Immersive spaces, Outdoor multi-media Shows etc.


– Vandana Raj


A creative business head with a multifarious track record across various media platforms, Ms Vandana Raj has functioned as an accomplished filmmaker, writer, development communicator and museum curator over a career spanning 3 decades. She brought this wealth of expertise into founding her own creative media house headquartered in Ahmedabad in 2001. Under the aegis of Vama Communications, Ms Vandana Raj has produced a diverse repertoire of Films and Multimedia content with works recognized on international platforms. And by keeping pace with evolving times, she led this establishment into a leading creative house conceptualizing, developing and managing tech-enabled immersive museums and experiential spaces across the country.