As the dawn of a new era unfolds for India and Indians and while most of us are busy celebrating the mandate and/or debating the future course of the country depending on how liberal or otherwise we are…and when there are a whole lot of us lapping up the media doleouts, relishing the changing political narratives that seems to be rendering the Lutyens Cabal redundant…what comes forth quite evidently is that this leadership – M 2.0 means Business from day one.

And How!!! Keeping upto traditional Indian values … seeking blessings from Guru’s and parents and paying homage to Martyrs before starting a new chapter. Our leaders are sure walking their talk.

Our Home Minister, Mr.Amit Shah chose to start his tenure by paying homage at the National Police Memorial & Museum (NPMM) at New Delhi this morning. A man of action and a task master at that, someone who has captivated the country by his consistent performance record visited the NPMM today to pay tributes to India’s heroes who made their ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

The NPMM @ Chanakyapuri is a must visit for every Indian cause it’s because of the Police force our borders are secure, our society is protected, crimes of all kinds are being contained…

We at VAMA are fortunate to have been associated with NPMM. Graced we are, to have curated and developed the National Police Museum under the visionary leadership of DIB, Mr. Rajiv Jain. Thank you Sir, for your faith in us.

Our humble Salute to India’s Heroes!

Jai Hind!
Vandana Raj