If internet were a planet and social media sites its countries, guess who would have been China on it?

Yep, you’re absolutely right; Facebook would have been China and Qzone would have been our very own India followed by Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Tencent Weibo, and the list goes on.* Apart from being heavily populated, these virtual countries would bring innovative systems, different working style and entertaining weather throughout the year.

Check out the peculiar features of this planet and get ready to witness drastic change in archetypal norms.

  1. Advocating Secularism

Internet would be the only planet on which all countries would have been independent and secular irrespective of their caste, creed, age, sex, etc.

  1. No defined Senior-age

The cool news is on this planet there would be no senior citizens because there would be no defined senior age. So the saying “Be young at heart” would get be replaced by “Be young at Internet”.

  1. One rule/One law

A country, say Facebook, would have same terms and conditions for all its citizens; there would hence be a single and precise law applicable to all. Also this would leave little scope for confusions and misuse unlike what we currently see on Planet Earth.

  1. No discrimination

Whether you were 1 year old or 100 year old, Planet Internet would be least bothered about it and it would welcome all with open arms to be its part.

  1. No election drama

Election is a tedious process and sometimes works on trial and error basis, like Indians recently witnessed, if Congress didn’t do the job, try BJP this time plus there is always risk of selfish motives of politicians. But on Internet, countries would be ruled by its founders who’d be working for benefit and ease of users ultimately. Thus, there would be no election drama and one Country would mean a single ruler forever unless he wished to transfer the kingdom.

  1. Choose your birth country

Birth country would be the country where you’d join foremost as a user and won’t it be exciting to choose your birth country rather than itbeing chosen by some Godly creature? And on top of it you’d have flexibility to be citizen of more than one country; truly it would be a globalized planet.

  1. World Tour would be Easy

You wouldn’t need to burn your pocket, get questioned for Visa and book a planet, to tour this awesome planet. All you would need is a tablet or similar device and internet pack to get-set-go. SIM providers would offer abundant lucrative and cheap internet schemes, so you wouldn’t think twice, just go and enjoy the tour.

  1. Build your country

Who doesn’t dream to have a country named after them, and we would have never thought that glorious future awaiting us would make it pretty easy to realize our dream.  No, you aren’t dreaming this would be true; let there be Internet Planet once and then you’d be able to effortlessly create your community, your country and invite all to be its part.

  1. Closure of Arms and Ammunitions industry

This Planet would indeed be good news for peace makers and peace lovers for the virtual borders would demand no physical arms and ammunitions, there would be only user-war. If you had more users and more unique visitors you’d win the war. May be the people in defense system should start looking for alternative jobs.

  1. Virus is good

On Planet Earth, we usually avoid getting in contact with any kind of virus but the best part of Planet Internet would be the more viral you and your stuff is, the more healthy you would be and Thermometer reading would be replaced by Stats reading.

In this netty generation, if we refer social media as the media, it would be no exaggeration; for everything which was once possible in print, digital or any other form of media is easy to be portrayed via social media today. You can say social media is a bacterium and all age brackets are proudly bitten by it.